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Stefanie Röfke
Stefanie Röfke

Who’s behind it?

What’s in a name? But for all those who still want to know: my name is Stefanie, born and raised from 1980 in Berlin-Marzahn. More precisely, in the eastern part of the city. So I witnessed the history of the GDR studded with Pioneer afternoons, Filinchen (a sort of crisp bread), Pittiplatsch (a puppet show on TV) and flag ceremonies.


How I came to writing

Basically, my love for the written language came over quite unspectacularly. An essay in German classes in the fifth grade was my breakthrough. My first A after a long slackness and the feeling that writing could be right for me. So initially, I was scribbling stories, poems, and all sorts of reflexive texts in private. German and history classes became my favourite subjects. On my last day of school, getting my “Abitur” certificate, my class teacher predicted to me: “You will become a journalist!” – and something made click. I decided to study for a degree which would advance my language skills immensely: Polish studies – in order to learn one of the most difficult yet melodic languages – and history – in order to ponder critically over texts and to find out that words have always been more powerful than you can imagine.


What writing means to me

Immersing into a language, looking for the perfect wording, creating images and ideas, even whole worlds with words alone can be compared to a melody which doesn’t let go of you until you get down to its heart. It is magical and powerful at the same time, and it requires just a few things: a mind thinking outside the box, a heart being brave, eyes taking a longer view than the horizon allows, and finally, time which all of us lack the most.


Why Federstrich (scratch of the pen)?

In March 2011, I decided to cut my own path and so I started my own business: the text agency Federstrich. Ever since, I have been working as a freelance editor, translator, writer, and historian for companies and private persons. Feel free to browse through my service offer or contact me. Since 2014, I live in Northern England. In its mystic vastness, I have found the perfect environment for writing. In my blog I am also reporting on my experiences on the island.