Stylistically confident formulating, striking the right chord, reaching the audience, setting things in motion – all this makes up a good text. However, there often is a lack of time or leisure, sometimes also a lack of necessary distance in order to reflect about and edit the written text until it receives its luminosity. If you experience the same, don’t be down in the mouth: There are people who love doing this. Let us work together on your texts. I am happy to help you out. Don’t worry about full stops and commas – I will take care of them, so that you can apply yourself to things which require your full concentration. As an experienced editor, I am happy to knock your scripts into shape. Please note that as a native German speaker I only proofread and edit texts in German. My services at a glance:


The proofreading includes:


the correction of spelling (old or new as requested), punctuation, and syllabification;

checking grammar, sentence structure, and expression;

checking typographic inconsistencies (such as missing spaces, double spaces, single and double quotation marks, hyphens, and dashes, etc.;

review of formatting.


The editing additionally includes:


  • review of the style and content of your texts,
  • producing a fluent readability.


Do you need more than that? Feel free to contact me. We will find a solution. Please use the contact form or send me an email.