Historical Services


In the age of globalisation, more and more companies get back to their traditional roots. For marketing and public relations the importance of the own history increasingly gains centre stage in the company representation.


But not only for companies the accounting for the own past is playing a more important role, also associations, clubs, and private persons see an identity-establishing means in the exposition of their own history.


In recent years, the growing interest of historical services has also been noticed in the private sector, not least due to the changed age structure. Passing the own life story to the succeeding generations as a legacy is a particular big need for many elderly people.


If history also plays an important role for you and you need assistance with historical questions, I am looking forward to a joint project with you!



Service Overview

1. Historical research, procurement, and documentation

  • creating bibliographies and collections of material for scientific papers, company, and private chronicles
  • document research and procurement of archival material for book, exhibition, and film projects
  • family research

2. Historical text services

  • writing biographies, chronicles, anniversary brochures

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