My company philosophy


The demand of text and language services has grown rapidly over the last years. Virtual secretariats and offices spring up like mushrooms. Unfortunately, often at the expense of quality since many jobs end up in big, anonymous writing pools in which everyone can try out. A special qualification is not required and the copywriters, proofreaders and translators often work for cent-based fees, which are no longer compatible with a high-quality performance. Someone who appreciates quality will also be willing to invest in it and to reward somebody for his services. In addition, the personal bond with the customer being a mainstay of a long-term and fruitful cooperation is often completely ignored.


Federstrich represents a company philosophy which invests in work of high standards for the long term and which gives priority to the personal contact with the customer. This is the only way to develop trust and ensure individuality. Your ideas and wishes are not ordinary but unique after all and I apply myself to every single job with this claim. I believe that each of your projects needs a reliable contact person being able to advise you with professional expertise and being on hand with help and advice for you even in difficult situations. If you are on the same page, I look forward to a successful cooperation.