Text services

You need a text but you don’t have time? You have a vague idea where it should go but the common thread is still missing? Unfinished pages have been piling up on your desk for weeks? Then you have come to the right place! I am happy to assist you with the translation of your ideas and concepts into effective words and powerful texts. Below you will find a listing of my services. Please note that as a native German speaker I only write texts in German:


  • texts for websites and homepages
  • blog entries
  • scientific texts and professional articles
  • ghostwriting, e.g., autobiographies, corporate stories, etc.
  • product descriptions
  • press releases for print and online media
  • texts for leaflets, flyers, and newsletters
  • speeches, lectures, and presentations
  • scripts of books


Is your desired text not listed? Feel free to contact me. Please use the contact form or send me an email.